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ECO tip of the week

Close all curtains and blinds at dusk to retain heat in the home.

Eco Congregation

The parish churches in Buchlyvie and Gartmore have registered as Eco-Congregations, recognising that, for Christians, caring for the Earth is a proper response to a loving creating God. Eco-Congregation Scotland provides a variety of helpful resources and ideas. Just before Lockdown we had put out a survey, enquiring about measures to reduce home energy use, to start to gauge interest and build a bank of people who would share their experiences, good or bad, with others considering similar measures. 


As conditions allow we would hope to arrange community events or workshops on such topics as upcycling, growing food, repairing and altering clothes, home composting, reducing your carbon footprint, cooking with leftovers or maybe even toolshare schemes or swapshops. To do this we need a small team of people concerned about environmental issues, from any church or none. Events would be for the whole community so the wider the representation the better. If you would be happy to be involved in any way please get in touch by using the church email address.

What impact will your Christmas have on the planet?

We hear tales about, or maybe remember, times when the delights of Christmas were a tangerine and an apple in the toe of a sock and, if we were very lucky, a second hand bike. Maybe that owed something to wartime rationing, but year by year expectations rise and the ‘norm’ shifts, but at what cost to humanity? Surely what really counts is the love and care each gift represents between the giver and recipient, but shouldn’t we also bear in mind unwanted effects on the climate, natural resources and consequently the lives of others particularly in the third world?


Christmas doesn’t have to cost the earth! For instance, have you considered:


For wrapping gifts

  • Brightening mail order packing paper with coloured stamps or potato cuts
  • Making fabric bags with ribbon or drawstrings for family gifts to reuse year after year
  • Tying parcels with coloured jute string to avoid using plastic tape
  • Using a scarf or upcycled fabric to wrap another gift
  • Decorating parcels with natural materials or pot pourri


For gifts themselves

  • Giving toiletries such as soaps and shampoo in bar form to avoid single use plastic
  • Investigating the increasing range of goods which use sustainable bamboo e.g. hairbrushes, socks, fashion garments and accessories
  • Giving a voucher for a special experience
  • Homemade gifts of food, clothes or accessories
  • Locally made crafts
  • Upcycled items or gifts using recycled materials
  • Regifting items you don’t need



  • If the recipient isn’t going to value displaying your card, sending an e-card, otherwise designing a combined card and letter which they can print and display, saving on postage too.
  • Avoiding cards with glitter or heavy use of gold or silver.


Christmas food

  • Using seasonal local produce wherever possible
  • Trying to avoid foods which have travelled half way round the world
  • When thinking about menus including plans to use left-overs,



  • Being aware of how far wines etc have travelled to reach you
  • Recycling all glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans


And afterwards

  • Minimising the amount which goes to landfill via your grey bin by stowing ‘good’ wrapping paper to use next year
  • Putting paper and card without glitter or metallic decoration or plastic tape in your green bin
  • Cutting up your tree for the brown bin if you are not composting or chipping it
  • Bringing postage stamps to the church for recycling for charity