Buchlyvie & Gartmore

Parish Churches 



Proposed Union between Buchlyvie and Gartmore Churches

On 6 March, both Kirk Sessions voted In favour of uniting. Congregational votes were held on Sunday 28 April following the Morning Services:


The results were:


Basis of Union                    For 19, against 1

Reviewable Charge            For 19, against 1



Basis of Union                    For 21, against 0

Reviewable Charge            For 20, against 1



Buchlyvie Session Room

Buchlyvie Session Room is available for groups to apply to use. Agreement to use the room is suject to availability and agreement to the terms and conditions in the application form. Contact the Buchlyvie Church treasurer for more details or to apply.


Foodbank / Recycling

Both Churches are accepting donations to the Alloa Gate foodbank as well as specific items for recycling:

used batteries

used print cartridges



used medicine foils